User Agreement

Scope of the Agreement

The UCP Career Portal is a useful hub of career management tools and resources which may help the University students and the Alumni in accessing better career opportunities simultaneously allowing employers to market available vacancies and providing information regarding their hiring policies. The UCP Career Portal is owned and operated by the University of Central Punjab. The Portal will educate through exposure of its users to the job market and possible availability of jobs. The Portal will enable employers to identify new talent at an early stage by bringing fresh graduates to the job marked. The Portal will share minimum data among the interacting parties. This data might contain graduates and employer profiles and relevant job postings. This document outlines the scope of the tools which the students, alumni and employers may use through the use of the UCP Career Portal. UCP reserves the right to change the scope of the Career Portal and any ancillary document/service/functionality at any time without prior notice. The information shared through the Portal will be provided by a large number of persons not under the control of the University. Therefore, at no point in time UCP or any official thereof shall be responsible/liable/accountable for the accuracy of any information made available through the UCP Career Portal or for any loss, damage sustained by any person through the use of the Portal.

The User Agreement includes the Privacy Policy notified separately and other such policies, guidelines, regulations etc. which may be notified on the Portal from time to time. UCP reserves the right to alter, modify or change the terms and conditions of the User Agreement.

Authorized Users

Any user intending to access or avail the tools, information, services, functionality of the UCP Career Portal shall only be allowed to do so if he/she fulfills the following criteria:

  1. Only recognized Students, Alumni or Employers may apply to have a user account;
  2. A user shall be of the “Minimum Age” (defined as 18 years or more);
  3. A user shall only be allowed to have only one UCP Career Portal account which must be in the user's real name; and
  4. A user shall only have access to the UCP Career Portal if not already restricted by UCP from using the Portal.

The use of the UCP Career Portal is restricted to only the recognized students, alumni and employers. The University students are defined as students registered with the University of Central Punjab having a valid University identification number and having no dues/liability outstanding in favour of the University, any student having pending disciplinary action against him/her or who has been suspended by the University are specifically excluded. The Alumni include former students who are duly recognized as Alumni members by the University of Central Punjab. Employers are those persons, both natural and juristic, who are recognized as valid employers by the University of Central Punjab for the sake of participating and availing the services provided through the UCP Career Portal. In case an Employer is a juristic person it shall be represented through a natural person duly authorized by the enterprise. Any person found to be violating any law; rule or regulation of UCP or any policy regarding the UCP Career Portal shall be restricted from the use of the Portal without prior notice.

Use of the Information

Information collected through the UCP channels or the UCP Career Portal may be used for the following, amongst others:

  • To enable employers to access and use various tools, features, and functionality of the UCP Career Portal to advertise hiring policies and available jobs.
  • To enable the Students/Alumni to access the Portal tools, features, and functions to have exposure and access to the job postings, resume databases, and event/activity information.
  • To coordinate with the employers, Students and the Alumni to arrange meetings, moots, events, interviews and other activities as may be decided by the UCP to be necessary for the utility of the Portal.

UCP shall have the sole discretion to decide as to what information is published/provided/allowed on the UCP Career Portal. Provided that this sole discretion shall in no manner affect or limit or restrict the No-Liability provisions pertaining to UCP or its officials contained herein.

Appropriate Use and Termination etc.

All persons using the UCP Career Portal shall be bound by the UCP policies etc. pertaining to the use of the Portal and it shall be binding on all such users to use the tools, information functionality of the Portal in an appropriate manner. Any use outside the scope of this document shall be deemed inappropriate and UCP shall have the sole discretion to declare any such use of the Portal as inappropriate use and shall also have the sole authority to either suspend the user or to permanently ban such a user in addition to bringing disciplinary/legal proceedings against the culprit.

By using the UCP Career Portal the users shall also be bound to maintain the confidentiality of their username and password, and to represent themselves and/or their organization honestly, accurately, and professionally. A user shall at all times be responsible for the activity generated through the respective user account.

UCP reserves the right to suspend or terminate any user account in the event of a violation/breach of the User Agreement and other policies notified on the Portal or which may be notified, modified, from time to time.

Applicable Laws and Policies

The use of any information, tool, functionality or service provided through the UCP Career Portal shall be subject to and governed by the laws of Pakistan, specific agreements and policies of the University of Central Punjab, including but not limited to the User Agreement and other policies contained in this document.